befox urin cleaner

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Frequently Asked Questions

1   What does the BD do?

The BD supports the natural detoxification of the body and promotes the regulation of the acid-base balance.

2   When and how often should you take the BD?

Based on the experience of various test subjects, an intake of 2 capsules per day after meals is recommended to achieve the optimal effect. In times of higher stress you can easily take up to six capsules per day.

3   How much water should you drink a day?

For optimal urine detoxification and cleansing, you should drink at least 1.5 - 2 liters of pure water a day.

4   Does the detoxification manifest itself physically?

As with any detoxification, there may be initial signs of detoxification when you take Body Detoxer, but it should disappear after a short while.

5   Which detoxification symptoms can occur?

Part of the test subjects reported transient, non-significant skin blemishes within the first two weeks, which resolved as they continued to be taken.

6   Can the BD clean the urine?

In 98% of the test subjects, the urine was cleansed. However, the degree of stress on the body with toxins / degradation products, as well as the daily amount of drinking plays a significant role.

7   When does the BD start working?

Since the ingredients of the BD are in colloidal form, the physical ingestion of the active ingredients and the onset of action from the first intake is to be expected.

8 How should the BD be taken?

We recommend to take the Body Detoxer capsules after meals with a drink of your choice.