After being confronted with the issue of arbitrary urine checks on the road or at work, we have considered how we can tackle this discrimination. We asked ourselves why the THC is still detectable in the urine for so long, even if you have not consumed for days, and found that the cause is the storage of THC degradation products in human fat cells. Then we looked for ways to prevent it and the idea of ​​"The Body Detoxer" was born. The Body Detoxer was specially developed by us to cleanse the urine from the degradation substances of THC. In addition, it was designed to detoxify the body and regulate acid-base balance and PH levels.

We organized a small study of 20 volunteers who consumed all THC and were able to confirm the urine-purifying effects from the results. Afterwards we distributed the prototype of the Body Detoxer to friends, relatives and acquaintances in order to receive feedback and to verify the test results. In doing so, we also noticed that the body fat percentage as well as the consumption behavior play a decisive role in the development phase. The reviews of the test persons and testers as well as of some of our customers have been compiled here on the basis of evaluations. 


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